Nerovenezia ®

Artisan production

Nerovenezia was conceived as the maximum expression of the noble Venetian art that with pride we would like to present to you through small but precious objects.

These jewels embrace all the ancient Murano glass art and is conceived from the meeting between contemporariness and tradition of the artisans that wanted to evolve their professionalism in a timeless artistic experience.

The indefinite reflections and contour of these works embrace in themselves the Venetian spirit and allow you to take a fragment, a witness of your passage in this moment of its history.

A Nerovenezia jewel is not a simple accessory . It is a dream to be worn.

costume carnevale venezia

Carnival offer

Nerovenezia produces and rents costumes for the Venice Carnival.
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Where to find us in Venice

Walking through Strada Nova in the direction of San Marco or Ponte Rialto you only need to get to the first bridge ( Ponte delle Guglie). Nerovenezia is situated about 200 meters on the right in front of Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia.

Our shop is situated less then 10 minutes about 200 meters from the Santa Lucia train station.

Warning: many of the products shown are registered with the patent office of the Chamber of Commerce. The unique and inimitable Nerovenezia jewelry has a copyright and any reproduction or forgery is punishable to the fullest extent of the law.



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